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What to do if
You are injured

SKATING IS AN ACTIVITY THAT COMES WITH RISKS.  Every participant is highly encouraged to have their own health/medical coverage while participating.  Participants in the Sick Town Roller Derby league must be 18 years of age or older.



  1. The skater (or the trainer or captain if skater is unable to due to injury) must document the incident using the online form: This form should be filled out as soon as possible, as the injury needs to be reported  to the WFTDI insurance office within two weeks for the injury claim to be valid. 

    It is the skater’s responsibility to ensure that the Safety Officer is aware of the injury and that the form is submitted within the 2 week timeframe. 


  2. It is the injured skater’s responsibility to follow their medical provider’s instructions and advice.  It is preferred (but is not a requirement) that an injured skater receives a note from their medical provider clearing them to skate.  Before a skater may attend scrimmages, the skater must be cleared by the training committee or team captains for full contact in a gameplay setting.

    The following should be considered before returning to full contact practice:

    1. Full pain-free range of motion

    2. Normal strength and power

    3. Elevated fear of re-injury

    4. Stable – no limping or excessive compensation by other body parts

  3. If a skater has been cleared for skating, they should ease back into practice slowly – if they are not able to perform a drill, there is no shame in sitting out.  It is better to err on caution than get another injury. 

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